segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! =)

It is with great pleasure I officially release this blog, it was a project that had been thinking for a long time and now I decided to put in practice. I decided to start in a different way, first preparing some special posts after start releasing and then finally begin to talk about different places in Brazil.

I beg to excuse possible errors. As this one is my first blog, I'm still accustoming to this world. I promise I will improve and I will always be making corrections and improvements. ^^

All posts before this are about the Historic Centre of São Cristóvão and its most important tourist attractions. It is an important city of my state, Sergipe. I decided to start talking about this place because it is very important to me. So, even if the posts appear on "file", put down all dedicated to this city in this blog. Well, 90% of the posts are replete with photographs, many of them I never divulged, so if enjoy photos, even if they already know well the São Cristóvão, I recommend you take a look at because some hold surprises in the case of photographs of this historic town.

I count with a lot support from everyone, whether in the form of blog comments, or "liked" or dissemination of it, so that it can achieve a good level of visibility. I spent some weeks working on it to make it the best possible!

PS.: I'd love to translate all the content into English, but it would be a hard work and I'm not so good in that language, then only some things will be translated, but trying to help, on the sidebar there is an option to translate content by Google Translate . I know the translations are usually not perfect, but at least to give a general idea of the content of the posts.

Finally, hope you like that I prepared! Hints, tips and critiques will be very welcome! ;)

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